You have found the right team!  iTech Pizza is an excellent place where you can raise fund for your organization and at the same time enjoy your delicious meal.  Our professional team members will give you all the support to fulfill your needs.

When you sign up for a fundraising event, your organization will receive a percentage of all sales for dine-in and carry-out menu items during your event period.  Fundraising can be scheduled for any day of the week during store hours.  After the event, we will tally all sales during your fundraising period.  Your donation fund will be sent to you within a week.

The most important part will be your promotion. The more you promote it, the more people will support your event, the more money your organization will raise! It's that easy!

Please contact iTech Pizza to set up your fundraising event.


Parties For All Occasion

What's more?  You can even hold a fun birthday party for yourself or your loved ones.  We have private party room that can accommodate up to 40 people.  We even can hold your private ball game night for your own party. That's on going fun, fun fun!