iTech Pizza is a high tech futuristic self ordering pizza restaurant. We are a franchise company targeting to build a wide range chain. Nowadays, efficiency is most important for restaurant customers.  Who would like to wait for 35 minutes to just placing an order?  Our high tech ordering system can easily handle 35 customer in 5 minutes.  Customers can enjoy free Wifi and TV sport events with relaxing delicious meal.  With our high tech ordering system, we will eliminate a lot of verbal communication which will generate a lot of germs during the ordering process like other chain stores.  So what are you waiting for?  Come and join us to be part of our successful team.

1. Submit an Application

Complete an application for the approval process. Any partners should fill out their own application.


2. Financial Approval

Each application will be evaluate and validate financial net worth thoroughly.


3. Development Meeting

Meeting with the franchisor at our corporate office in Monterey Park, CA. Franchise Disclosure Document will be presented to the Franchisees.


4. Final Agreement

Once all requirements are met after the application process and territory has been agreed upon, Franchise Administration will prepare the final agreements for signature and fees are then paid.


5. Training

Complete three weeks of training in the restaurant and you are ready to go!