About iTech Pizza

iTech Pizza - powered by Pizza Tech Corp is a high tech futuristic self ordering restaurant.  We had invested a year of research in the pizza industry to improve every aspect to make customers enjoy the best experience with us. Our wide ranges of specialties are customizing pizzas, pastas, wings, salads and sweets.  We have the "State of the art" iPad self ordering system which are able to handle 5 different party’s order at the same time. A custom made pizza and other orders will be ready to serve within 7 minutes.  With our ordering system, we will eliminate transferring germs on to the ingredients in the process of ordering between customers and workers. Well hygiene will be kept strictly within the restaurant. We also provide free Wi-Fi and big screen TVs all around the restaurant which is highly welcomed by our new generation. It's clean, fast, fun, inexpensive and innovative.

You can rest assured that there is no long line to wait at your lunch and dinner time with our fast ordering system. You can also order it on our website and pick up in 15 minutes. We built for the future and stay for many years to come.

Parties For All Occasion

What's more?  You can even hold a fun birthday party for yourself or your loved ones.  We have private party room that can accommodate up to 40 people.  We even can hold your private ball game night for your own party. That's on going fun, fun fun!